NAMI of Collier County was originally named AMI: Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

AMI officially commenced operations on May 1, 1986 and was incorporated on November 20, 1987 in Florida. The Board of Directors subsequently changed the organization’s name to NAMI of Collier County following directions from NAMI National.

The NAMI membership is comprised of people with serious and persistent mental illnesses, as well as their parents, children, spouses, siblings and friends. The original founders of NAMI were primarily family members of people with chronic mental illness. These individuals met the goal of building a movement to refocus inadequate research and services available to people with mental illness.

The NAMI movement has been tremendously successful, with a national record high 1,200 affiliates nationwide. Our affiliations with NAMI and NAMI National consists of NAMI contributing nominal per capita dues annually while deriving substantial benefits in the areas of education, member services, research and advocacy. With the exception of those nominal dues, all monies raised locally are used to benefit Collier County.

Facts about NAMI Collier County:

  • NAMI of Collier County was awarded the prestigious OUTSTANDING AFFILIATE OF THE YEAR by NAMI National in 2003. In addition, we were one of the original 12 affiliates to partner with NAMI to hold our NAMIWALKS – a major fundraising campaign.
  • NAMI of Collier County served over 16,000 individuals in years 2015-2016.
  • The Sarah Ann Drop-In Center averages 500 visits a month by individuals diagnosed with mental illness.
  • NAMI provides over $30,000 in financial assistance every year to individuals who need help in getting psychiatric evaluations and emergency assistance for prescriptions, shelter and food.
  • NAMI depends on individual and corporate donations which amount to over half of NAMI’s operating budget. Other income sources include the United Way and the Department of Children and Families.