Connecting Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Recovery (CLEAR) is the implementation of a contract NAMI Collier was awarded by DCF on January 1, 2013.

According to DCF, “the purpose of this contract is to shift the behavioral health system to one that does more than embrace Recovery as a concept. The system of care must put that belief into action by partnering with individuals/families in Recovery, to implement a Recovery oriented system of care that includes leadership and advocacy, Peer-led training, and access to care.”

Sponsored by the Department of Children and Families C.L.E.A.R provides a variety of initiatives: The Leadership Academy is 3-day training for consumers and family members. Training is provided by the West Virginia SAMHSA consumer mental health group who is a leader in this area. Demographics include leaders from each Managing Entity in our state. This group is the core group of leaders mobilizing family members and consumers throughout the State for advocating purposes.

In addition, we provide an information and referral line directed toward peers and family members to carefully monitor access to care and assist callers in linking with appropriate mental health services. The access line identifies issues (wait lists, transportation, funding, lack of service in an area, complaints, etc.) that are referred to the caller’s area managing agency. The Access line provides callers with an opportunity to speak with a peer about what they are struggling with and provides valuable information to the Department of Children and Families that can assist them in improving mental health services throughout the state. The line has live operators from 8am-8pm. All calls received during non-live hours will be directed to a voicemail system that is closely monitored and all calls will be returned during the next live shift. No call goes unanswered.

As of January 1, 2015, the Access Line merged with the Born Drug-Free, which is an initiative by the Florida Department of Children and Families, Florida Office of the Attorney General and the Florida Department of Health to raise awareness about babies being born exposed to prescription drugs. The campaign educates expectant mothers about the importance of discussing prescription drug abuse with their doctors and to offer assistance to the women. Callers are provided education, referrals to treatment, and a peer to speak with during a difficult period in their life.