SDC_Logo_smallThe Florida Self-Directed Care (FloridaSDC) Program hinges on the belief that individuals are capable of choosing services and making purchases that will help them begin or remain on the road to recovery and to develop or regain a life of meaningful, productive activity.

The goal of FloridaSDC is to respect and promote self-determination, recovery and full community inclusion for people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and who depend on government subsidized mental wellness services. Participants in FloridaSDC use their public financial resources to select the providers, services and activities that they deem necessary for recovery and the achievement of the highest level of desired personal wellness and quality of life. They may also choose to purchase tangible items, such as clothes, shoes and computer equipment that will enhance the person’s integration into the community so that he or she can return to work, formal volunteering or school. Through a careful self-assessment of previous purchases, experiences and outcomes, individuals are given the flexibility to make adjustments to fit their needs in order to engage in meaningful activities and to attain a lasting higher quality of life.

Participant recovery is measured in a number ways including productive days in the community (productive defined as paid employment, formal volunteering or school toward work and/or volunteering) and structured self-reports about achievement of personal recovery goals and objectives. The major difference in measurements between FloridaSDC and the traditional system is the focus on participant self-reports about personal recovery achievement and satisfaction with the total FloridaSDC delivery system.  If you would like additional information, please call 239-936-4318.