Health Under Guided Systems (H.U.G.S.) is a free community based children’s behavioral health program funded by the Naples Children Education Foundation that addresses the prevention and early intervention of social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges for children ages 3 months to 18 years.

The primary purpose of H.U.G.S. is to provide a responsive, culturally competent system of care for children and youth with behavioral health needs. H.U.G.S. facilitates collaboration across agencies, as well as schools and childcare centers to improve access to culturally and linguistically competent services for families. We provide coordinated, universal screenings, clinical assessments, and system navigation to facilitate early identification and access to care to mitigate the effects of untreated problems later in life.

The H.U.G.S. team assists families in developing tools and understanding the long-term care needs of children and recovery planning, including integrated use of community resources. In addition HUGS offers the NAMI national signature program, Ending the Silence, for children in the Collier school system. This program strengthens the work of the HUGS team by helping to break down barriers and establishes a natural feed to the children/adolescent support group.

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