For over 25 years, the Sarah Ann Drop-In Center (SAC) has been a beacon of hope for those coping with serious and persistent mental illness.

The Sarah Ann Drop-In Center (SAC) is a safe, welcoming, confidential, supportive and recovery–oriented place to go, be accepted, receive support and work toward recovery. It is a peer-operated, community-based program for people 18 years of age and older, serving over 400 persons per month. Participants are able to do many things together, such as socialize, attend in-house support groups, plan activities, go on outings, work on art projects, celebrate birthdays and holidays, watch movies, and play pool, dance and exercise. Visit our office or give us a call for our monthly calendar of events.

Our mission is to provide a safe environment for adults with mental illness and afford the opportunity for socialization and recreation, as well as the possibility for such individuals to improve overall well-being and recovery by utilizing additional community resources.

The Sarah Ann Drop-In Center employs two part-time co-managers and three part-time drivers who are in recovery. Participants have a mental health diagnosis. The Drop-In Center provides a safe haven Monday through Saturday for persons who would otherwise be isolated.  Three days a week, a hot lunch is provided. We also operate a food pantry and a clothing closet, which are open daily. Activities support recovery, and decisions are made by the participants, not by the staff or NAMI in terms of outings, physical exercise opportunities, art projects and support groups.  All activities and participation are free of charge.

Call (239) 260-7300 for additional information.

Our new location is north of the corner of Pine Ride Road and US 41 North, on Trail Blvd., opposite of Waterside Shops; Red bus line Route 1B.  Sign up for outings in one working day prior to outing.  Activities and outings usaully start between Noon and 1 p.m., and may be re-rescheduled.  Management reserves the right to limit outing participation to members who are frequent visitors.  For immediate and after-hours support and information about local resources, call Project HELP at 239-262-7227.  In an emergency, call 911.

To view recent monthly events for 2017 Calendar, please click below.