Welcome to NAMI Collier County

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Collier County is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals and families affected by serious mental illnesses. We provide innovative education, support, and advocacy programs and services for over 16,000 individuals in Collier County annually. Our vision is to ensure that all persons with mental illnesses receive the help they need in developing resilience and are assisted in working toward their recovery. Ultimately, resulting in their leading productive and meaningful lives within our community.

NAMI Collier’s response to
COVID-19 in our local community

During these unprecedented times, NAMI Collier is so grateful to our loyal donors and supporters whose generosity is allowing us to continue providing services free of charge to those affected by mental illnesses.  We are very happy to report that we surpassed our fundraising goal to make up for not being able to host a Spring event.  With that goal now reached, and in partnership with generous community partners, NAMI Collier is adapting to meet the needs of our community as our members are isolated, without safe access to food pantries, without our Sarah Ann Drop-In Center daily services, living with increased anxiety and feeling the strain of not having the support of the structure NAMI Collier typically provides to them.

One of our most important responses to this crisis is our ongoing efforts to deliver food and care packages directly to the doorsteps of our members and HUGS program families.  Thanks to Trinity-by-the-Cove Church and their incredible faith in our mission, we received a grant to fund our efforts to purchase non-perishables and fresh produce to ensure that our vulnerable families have access to healthy food in the absence of our Center being open.  Along with us arriving to bring them food, it is amazing to see their faces light up as we are waving and smiling from a safe social distance.  Knowing that someone cares enough to make sure they are okay provides as much nourishment for their bodies as it does for their mental wellness. 

We are currently providing all our support groups in person and online on zoom. Please see our flyer below the support group daily schedule on zoom. We also provide individual peer support via phone and in person if needed for our members. Please call the Sarah Ann Center for more information.

Please continue to check our Facebook page for updates and ways to connect and find tools for coping while we are temporarily closed.


Emotional Support

While the CDC website is the best place for updates regarding this still developing situation, UnitedHealthcare and Optum are offering a free emotional support helpline for everyone. This helpline will provide those affected (directly/indirectly, on any level) access to trained mental health specialists. The company’s public toll-free help line number, 866-342-6892, will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for as long as necessary. This service is free of charge to anyone. Specially trained Optum mental health specialists help people manage their stress and anxiety so they can continue to address their everyday needs. Callers may also receive referrals to community resources to help them with specific concerns, including financial and legal matters.
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No need to face the COVID-19 crisis alone.

Available in all 14 CFBHN Counties 24/7

Central Florida Behavioral Network, your Managing Entity for publicly funded safety net behavioral health services in 14 west Florida counties, has worked closely with Crisis Center of Tampa Bay to launch this support line.

One number provides screening, triage, Information and Referral and emotional support services to callers struggling from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more…

Taking Care of Your Mental Health during the COVID-19 Infectious Disease Outbreak

Infectious disease outbreaks, including Coronavirus (COVID-19) created a new type of crisis with a great deal of uncertainty about the nature of the disease, its spread, and its impact. This will understandably, affect individuals’ emotional and mental health wellbeing- even among those who have not been directly exposed to the disease. Reactions to a crisis can appear very different from person to person and can occur at any time. Please consider the following recommendations for promoting your mental wellbeing during this time.
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NAMI Collier County Receives Grant to Help People with Mental Health Issues

NAMI Collier County is a local non-profit that provides services to those affected by mental illnesses.  In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have closed their offices to the public, but are still safely working from a distance to help their members with support, groups, peer services, and food.  On March 30th, Trinity-by-the-Cove church chose NAMI Collier as the recipient of a generous emergency grant to address the need for food in the community.  Since many people with a mental health diagnosis live on fixed incomes below the poverty level, they rely on food pantries and community resources to subsidize their basic needs.  For those families who care for one or more children with social, emotional, or behavioral challenges, the added challenges of school being cancelled while needing to provide meals throughout the day can also add to heightened stress levels.
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NAMI has a variety of programs that meet your specific mental health and recovery needs. Learn More.

All services provided by NAMI are free of charge. We are proud to be able to reach out to those in need and help them to overcome some of their life’s obstacles. Learn More.

NAMI offer several different support groups customized for you and your family. Learn More.