CIT program at NAMI Collier County

CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) Training is a 40-hour training program designed to improve the way law enforcement and the community respond to people experiencing a mental health crisis.

The program is led by NAMI to law enforcement officers and related agencies every other month and focuses on identifying and de-escalating individuals who may be suffering from a mental illness  In addition to law enforcement, all new NAMI employees are required to take the class.

We have trained a over 1000 law enforcement officials as of September 2014. The goal for Collier County’s office is to have 100% trained. As of 2017 we started to train firemen.  This is a community service including representatives from the David Lawrence Center, Youth Haven, FACT team, and more.

We have trained:
  • 100% of all County Probation Officers,
  • 80% of State Probation officers,
  • staff from the Shelter for Abused Women,
  • the Judiciary,
  • National Park Service,
  • 100% of Naples Police Department,
  • and half of Hendry Glades Sheriff’s Office.The goal for Collier County’s Sheriff’s Office is to have 100% trained.