Fight for the future of mental health care

Senators are back from July 4th recess, where they heard from advocates like you about the harmful consequences of the Senate health reform bill (the Better Care Reconciliation Act).

Thank you for speaking up, but the fight is not over. The future of mental health coverage is being decided right now.

Currently, 1 in 5 Americans live with a mental illness, but only half get needed treatment. This bill will make it even harder for people to get psychiatric medications, case management and mental health services.

If this bill passes, millions of Americans will lose coverage for mental health care.

Senators need to keep hearing from you. Tell them to oppose any health reform bill that:

  • Leaves fewer Americans with coverage for mental illness
  • Takes away protections for people with mental health conditions
  • Caps or limits Medicaid
  • Ends Medicaid expansion

Tell your Senators to #Act4MentalHealth to ensure that we have more coverage for mental health care, not less.