Hello all Fish Tale Grady Club members,


As you know, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is our club’s charity. Through the generosity of many of our members, Grady Fest attendees, and supporting Grady White dealers here in Florida, we were able to donate $16,000 to NAMI from the proceeds of this year’s Grady Fest. This is truly an outstanding effort and everyone who helped in making the Grady Fest a hugh success (all you red hats), deserves a great round of applause.


In addition, Mr. Eddie Smith, owner and CEO of Grady White Boats, was so impressed with our efforts in supporting NAMI that he agreed to match any donation we made from Grady Fest up to $15,000. Since we donated $16,000, Mr. Smith wrote a personal check to NAMI for another $15,000, bringing our total Grady Fest donation to NAMI this year up to $31,000!


Ray Jahn and I had the distinct pleasure of representing you and Mr. Smith at a recent presentation of the check to NAMI. As a show of their appreciation, Katherine Hunter, Executive Director of NAMI, presented you, the fish Tale Grady Club and Fish Tale Sales and Service with this very special plaque and perpetual clock. Since we have no permanent meeting place, the plaque and clock will hang in the Fish Tale Sales office for all to see why we are the number one Grady Club.


Safe boating,


Sect. FTGC