Health Under Guided Systems (H.U.G.S.) is a free community-based children’s behavioral health program launched and supported by generous funding from the Naples Children Education Foundation. It specifically addresses the prevention and early intervention of social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges for children ages 3 months to 18 years.

The primary purpose of our H.U.G.S. program is to provide a responsive, culturally competent system of care for children and youth with behavioral health needs. Our H.U.G.S. System Navigators facilitate collaboration across agencies, as well as schools and childcare centers to improve access to culturally and linguistically competent services for families.

Our team provides coordinated, universal screenings, Global Family Analysis, and system navigation to facilitate early identification and access to care to mitigate the effects of untreated problems later in life. They also assist families in developing tools and an understanding of the long-term care needs of children and recovery planning, including the integrated use of community resources.

H.U.G.S. also offers our signature Ending the Silence educational program that helps audience members learn about the warning signs of mental health conditions and what steps to take if you or a loved one are showing symptoms of a mental illness. These engaging 50-minute presentations are specifically customized for students, families, teachers and our community partners to help fight the misconceptions, fear and discrimination that too often keep our young people from seeking the early identification and treatment they need to recover.

For more information on HUGS or to request an Ending the Silence group presentation,
please contact Gayla Bowden by email at or call her at 239-260-7307.
For Spanish speakers, please call Erica at 239-260-7310.
Please fax all forms to 239-330-7163.

For our Program Participants, click here to access all required forms.


H.U.G.S. Office    5263 Golden Gate Parkway     Naples, FL 34116