Anna Barry (Founder)

Hi! My name is Anna Barry and I am the founder and program director of the Student Alliance on Mental Illness or SAMI. This issue grew important to me from my own experiences with mental illness in the past few years and fortunately my family could afford therapy and medication which allowed me to begin recovering. I noticed though, many of my peers, needed mental healthcare but either could not get parental consent or could not afford treatment. It was then I learned of law 394.4784 in the 2018 Florida Statutes: minors 13+ are allowed to receive therapy and diagnostic services without parental consent. I am incredibly honored to be leading this movement in Collier County with the help of NAMI Collier and hope to provide all adolescents with mental healthcare no matter their circumstances!

Lisa Palomo

Lisa Palomo is a 16 year-old junior at GCHS and vice president of SAMI. She is passionate
about creating a safe environment for everyone no matter their economic status. Lisa is
looking forward to working with Anna and the other SAMI officers to create a successful

Alondra Damian-Noyola

Hi, My name is Alondra Damian-Noyola and I am the treasurer of SAMI and a freshman at GCHS! Mental illness has always been a constant in my family, and knowing that people close to me didn’t get the help they needed pushed me into joining SAMI.

Claire Persise

My name is Claire Persise. I am currently a sophomore in high school with a dream to become a clinical psychologist. I was drawn to this club for that specific reason and the fact that I will get to help many people around my age. I have many great ideas for this club and can’t wait to see what comes out of it.

Brenna Schupp

Young. Caring. Free. All of these words describe Brenna. Brenna Schupp is a sophomore at gulf coast high school and secretary of SAMI. In her free time Brenna enjoys music, books, and writing. Brenna is an all star student, wonderful friend, and glad to be a member of SAMI, welcome.

Emma Shilling

Emma Schilling is a 16-year-old junior. She believes that everyone should live well and feel good about themselves. Even though she does not have a mental illness, she would like to help those who do. That is why she is a member of SAMI.

Alex Barbosa

Alex Barbosa is a 16 year-old junior at Gulf Coast High School and member of SAMI. He is excited to work with the rest of the organization to provide mental health care to as many people as possible.


Mia is a 16 year-old junior and member of SAMI. She is excited to be a part of this organization and cannot wait to see what it accomplishes!

William Lopez

William Lopez is a 15 year-old freshman who strives to be a future counseling and clinical psychologist with a PhD. For hobbies he plays piano and does karate.

Juliana Morera

Hey I’m Juliana Morera, a classic rock junkie with an authentic presence. I’m a freshman and have been working at winn dixie since 8th grade. I’m interested in mental health because my mother has some serious mental health issues, so I thought SAMI would be a club I would like, and before hand I knew the leader was sweet!