Central Florida Behavioral Network, your Managing Entity for publicly funded safety net behavioral health services in 14 west Florida counties, has worked closely with Crisis Center of Tampa Bay to launch this support line.

One number provides screening, triage, Information and Referral and emotional support services to callers struggling from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The number is available 24/7

844-MYFLHLP (693-5457) can be the one phone number needed to connect people in crisis with the latest information, referrals and most importantly, a skilled specialist who can help to navigate the uncertainty of this crisis over the next few months.

We know many of our fellow citizens are facing a crisis right now. Some have the stamina and natural supports to weather this storm. For those who cannot, 844-MYFLHLP (693-5457)  wants to be the empathetic and skilled voice on the line.

Contact: Doris Nardelli, Director of Communications at dnardelli@cfbhn.org or 813.373.1179 for more information.