Sometimes things happen to people that are unusually or especially frightening, - horrible, or traumatic. For example:
- a serious accident or fire
- a physical or sexual assault or abuse
- an earthquake or flood
- a war
- seeing someone be killed or seriously injured
- having a loved one die through homicide or suicide.

Have you ever experienced this kind of event?

If YES - please answer the questions below.

In the past month, have you....
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Source Prins, A., Ouimette, P., Kimerling, R., Cameron, R. P., Hugelshofer, D.S., Shaw-Hegwer, J., . . . Sheikh, J. I. (2004). The primary care PTSD screen (PC-PTSD): Corrigendum. Primary Care Psychiatry, 9, 151. PC-PTSSD is in the Public Domain and available at