SAMI or the Students’ Alliance on Mental Illness aims to provide mental health services both emotionally and financially. SAMI works to develop a list of psychologists that are willing to provide therapy and diagnostic services to minors 13+ without parental consent. This is authorized by 2018 Florida Statutes, Title XXIX Chapter 394.4784. SAMI works directly with NAMI or the National Alliance on Mental Illness for support in funding and general resources. We will hold fundraisers guided towards student participation to engage the community in a larger cause.

About The Founder

Anna Barry is a sixteen year old high school student who formulated the idea for SAMI in July 2018 before contacting Pamela Baker of NAMI Collier County. She dealt with mental illness for the past four years of her life and only began to find refuge through therapy and medication. This was only a possibility because of her economic privilege and possession of health care. Anna began witnessing her peers having struggles with mental illness and having an inability to take action because of their lack of healthcare or permission from guardians. When Anna learned about Title XXIX Chapter 394.4784 she immediately took action and founded the Students’ Alliance on Mental Illness.