Welcome to the
Sarah Ann Drop-In Center !

For over 25 years, the Sarah Ann Drop-In Center (SAC) has been a beacon of hope for those coping with serious mental illnesses.

When you visit the Sarah Ann Drop-In Center you will find that the center provides a confidential, warm, accepting, and safe environment where people over the age of 18 with a mental illness diagnosis can participate in support groups and a variety of social and recreational activities. The Center is peer-run ( managed and operated by those with a lived experience with mental health diagnoses or has a family member with a diagnosis ) and with a recovery-oriented mindset.

All activities are designed to support participants in their own path in mental health wellness.  Ranging from celebrating birthdays, going to the movies, the pier, museums, shopping or even playing billiards, these activities create a great way to connect and gain support for participants. Members and staff work together in a collaborated effort to determine the final selection of all the activities. We also provide an exercise class and chiropractic care all free of charge.

The various support groups provide members with peer-facilitated support for all diagnoses and create a space to learn new coping skills,  paths to empowerment, choices in care, WRAP plans, DBT and coping with hearing voices and seeing things. Click on our link to view our brochure for a list of ongoing support groups.

The Center also frequently offers workshops  on a variety of topics:

  • healthy boundaries,
  • money management
  • safety
  • healthy living
  • poetry slams
  • WRAP topics

The Sarah Ann Drop-In Center offers opportunities for  involvement and leadership building skills:

  • Inspirational Speaker Series:  Those with a lived experience can share, their personal stories of their mental health journey, out loud at our center, to gain empowerment and to help others understand they are not alone. Contact us for more information.
  • Art: the center has an art room where members can create, share and volunteer to instruct others on various art projects
  • Peer Tours: Peers can volunteer to welcome new visitors and provide them with an inside view of why members choose to participate at our center.
  • PACT: Peer Advisory Council Team: members serve as officials and as participating council members to assist in the governance of the center that addresses, safety, behavior, groups, and activities offered, strategic planning and much more.
  • Talent: Do you know how to lead a guided meditation or a yoga class, or possibly an art project or any other talent you think could benefit the center? Feel free to contact us and let us know what you are good at.
  • CRPS- learn how to become a true advocate and become a certified peer specialist and possibly seek employment sharing your own recovery story about your lived experience of mental illness to help others.

Please click  to view this month’s calendar of activities:


ALEXIS AT: alexis@namicollier.org
OR EILEEN AT: eileen@namicollier.org

OR EILEEN AT: eileen@namicollier.org


Visit the Center for a tour or call 239-431-6824 for additional information.

WHERE TO FIND US: The Sarah Ann Drop-In Center  is located north of the corner of Pine Ride Road and US 41 North, on Trail Blvd., opposite of the Waterside Shops; Red bus line Route 1B.

For immediate and after-hours support and information about local resources, call the Peer-Run Warmline at 1 (800) 945-1355, orProject HELP at 239-262-7227. In an emergency, call 911.