For over 25 years, the Sarah Ann Center (SAC) has been a beacon of hope for those coping with serious mental illnesses.

We provide a welcoming, confidential, and supportive refuge where men and women over age 18 with mental illness can participate in a variety of social and recreational activities. We offer a safe, peer-operated environment where every visitor can feel accepted, receive support — including access to additional community resources — and work toward their recovery. This community-based program receives over 500 visits each month.

Visitors to the Center are offered the opportunity to participate in the planning of fun social activities, including  in-house art projects, celebrating birthdays and holidays, watching movies, playing pool, plus exercise and dance classes. Supervised outings are also scheduled regularly. The Center provides a safe haven, Monday through Saturday, for persons who might otherwise be isolated.  Five days a week, a hot lunch is provided. We also operate a food pantry and a clothing closet, which are open daily for Center participants. All activities at the Center are free of charge.

The Center is peer-operated, and employs two part-time co-managers and three part-time drivers, who themselves are in recovery. All activities and in-house support groups are designed to support participants in their own path to recovery. “Voice and Choice” are important elements of this process, and participants — not staff — determine the final selection of all activities.

ACTIVITIES INFORMATION: Most activities and outings usually start between Noon and 1 p.m. Management reserves the right to reschedule as necessary, and may limit outing participation to members who are frequent visitors. Required sign-up for outings varies, but generally is one working day prior to the scheduled outing.

Please click  to view this month’s calendar of activities:

October 2019 SAC Activities Calendar


Visit the Center for a tour or call 239.260.7300 for additional information.

WHERE TO FIND US: The Sarah Ann Center  is located north of the corner of Pine Ride Road and US 41 North, on Trail Blvd., opposite of the Waterside Shops; Red bus line Route 1B.

For immediate and after-hours support and information about local resources, call Project HELP at 239-262-7227. In an emergency, call 911.