SURVIVING SUICIDE – Searching for “Normal” with Heartache & Humor
A Mostly True Story By Deena Baxter

SURVIVING SUICIDE – Searching for “Normal” with Heartache & Humor

There are many books about living with mental illness; this is a story about dying from it. A son gives back the gift of life and launches the author on a mission – a search for normal and who gets to decide. Crossing international boundaries, from the U.S. to Brazil, Deena Baxter’s journey shines a light on a harsher reality: how the stigma of mental illness keeps it cloaked in denial. Using heartache, humor, and creative full-color graphics, Baxter brings mental illness out of the darkness and gives it a voice – a voice worth listening to.

This book is part of The Surviving Suicide Project, a partnership with NAMI of Collier County and Deena Baxter, dedicated to bringing mental illness out of the dark and giving it a voice via art, writing, heartache and humor. To learn more about the project, the book and the author, visit us at

“Irreverent yet serious, lighthearted yet profound, science-based yet intimately persona, Deena Baxter’s Surviving Suicide is a must-read for anyone who has experienced mental illness in a family member. Of course, given the prevalence of mental illness, this means almost everyone. Highly recommended!”

-Stephen P. Hinshaw, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology,
UC Berkeley, Vice-Chair for Psychology,
Department of Psychiatry, UC San Francisco

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