Originally posted by the Naples Daily News, here.
By Hanna Marcus

Before anyone could predict who Todd Foege would be, he knew.

In the sixth grade, he told his teacher he wanted to be a child psychologist. On the playground, he’d break up fights, or mediate arguments between other kids — he’d do anything to help, his mom, Maripat Kline said, because that’s who he was.

His title never became psychologist, but his mission stayed the same from that sixth grade day on: He helped kids.

He was a teacher and confidant for at-risk kids, a pillar of hope for disadvantaged people and a mouthpiece for poor families in Collier County.

Todd Foege, who was 37, died suddenly from cardiac arrest in his Naples home July 2.

Foege was a well-known executive in Naples, often called the “dot connector,” by colleagues for his ability to make things happen, bring people together and organize non-profit organizations and programs for children in Collier County.



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